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8th Annual Forum of the Donor Harmonisation Group

2017-12-14T12:46:52+01:00 December 14th, 2017|

The eighth Donor Harmonisation Group annual seminar was held in Stockholm –Sweden between 8th and 10th November 2017.

Two large and energetic groups participated in the sessions and many participants from agencies in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Austria, to name a few, agreed to spread the word to colleagues who they felt would be very interested in our work.

The major topics suggested during the seminar were:



The economic impact of scholarships on the donor country economy;

Impact on structures in society, rather than individual: how do you assess it? ;

Standalone scholarships or embedded in programmes: which is most effective and under what circumstances? ;

 What is the differential impact by modality of scholarship study;

Effective strategies for successful outreach to target scholarships at the most relevant potential social change leaders;

How to deal with the difficulties of documentation;

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