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Announcement of €3 million investment by the Malta Maritime Pilots in maritime education

2018-06-13T12:50:15+02:00 May 31st, 2018|

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg announced a €3 million investment by the Malta Maritime Pilots in a new state of the art research and training centre in Ħal Far. The new facility will carry the name MaritimeMT.

The Minister commended all individuals, companies, and organisations operating within the maritime industry, both those coming from the public and the private sector. He reiterated his intention as minister to continue working to enable the sector to maintain the momentum gained and to continue moving forward whilst retaining the positive international reputation our country has achieved.

The Minister said that such a robust industry cannot continue to flourish without the contribution of dedicated investors and entities such as the maritime pilots and their employees who possess the drive and determination to continue developing their professional status and come forward with new initiatives. He expressed his satisfaction at seeing that together with the Government’s investment in several infrastructural projects, the private sector is also taking the initiative to complement these by means of other investments, showing that the Government holds a high level of trust within the private sector.

The new centre—MaritimeMT—will substitute the existing training and research centre. The latter has served its purpose well, however, its size can no longer cater for the variety of needs and demands of a growing industry and a dynamic legal framework. Minister Ian Borg said that it is essential to continue investing in the training and professional development of the individuals who make the maritime sector what it is, stating that without their dedication and expertise, it would not function and that this successful industry would come to an abrupt halt.

Minister Borg commended this element of foresight and thinking ahead – an attitude which continues driving the sector forward towards sustained success and growth. He explained that with a training centre that is to also start catering for those who offer services on super yachts and the leisure industry, many opportunities will be opening up—opportunities that will affect different sectors and service providers in our country. This €3 million investment will result in holistic training, which will address all maritime sectors including seafarers and shore-based personnel while attracting youths to seek a maritime career thanks to increased opportunities.