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EU-UK Culture and Education Series

2017-12-14T11:31:16+01:00 August 2nd, 2017|

The British Council launched the EU-UK culture and Education series in March 2017, the event was held in Berlin in partnership with the DAAD. Education Malta was represented among 100 delegates from education; arts and culture and science research sectors. Brexit and its effects on these sectors was the main focal point discussed during this conference. Delegates put forward various recommendations addressed to policy makers in order to maintain smooth and strong relationship between EU& UK even after Brexit without increasing barriers.

During the launch both UK and Europe’s cultural educational and scientific institutions demonstrated the commitment to implement practical solutions to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities in the light that political and higher level commitment is sought to guarantee continue support. Further meetings continued in London and Madrid with 450 educational, cultural and scientific organisations and representatives from 30 European countries endorsing the Our Shared European Future recommendations, made to EU and UK leaders in early July 2017. 

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