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First cohort of students graduate from The Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus

2022-07-11T12:30:39+02:00 July 11th, 2022|

“Live up to the high ethical standards of the medical profession”,

During the graduation ceremony of the first cohort of MBBS students from the Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus, President George Vella advised the new graduates that, as doctors, they have to always be there for others as the medical profession is not some sort of business.
President Vella told the graduates that the rigourosity of the training is a foretaste of the high standards expected from them in their medical profession. “This is your first step in your career. I know that many of you will choose to proceed to specialise in further studies. Whichever route you choose towards your future aspirations, be aware that in the medical profession advances are registered every day, and to keep ahead in his/her practices, any doctor will have to undergo continuous medical education”, said the President.
The President also advised the new graduates that as medical doctors they have to be ready to listen to their patients, who feel more comfortable talking to their physician than to a busy consultant. Nowadays, and even more so in the coming years, the President added, “you will not only be dealing with your patients’ symptoms, but you will also be faced with questions and asked advice about a plethora of issues that are continuously spoken about in social media and society in general.” President Vella mentioned issues linked to sexual and reproductive health, end-of-life problems, different social aspects of medical care and how to best calculate the risks of treatment versus the benefits of the same treatment, gender reassignment therapies, etc.
In his speech, the President also urged the graduates to live up to the high ethical standards of the medical profession, always and everywhere.
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