About Malta

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Malta is increasingly becoming a popular destination for students who want to study in top quality educational institutions while also making the most of their free time. The country’s small size is an important factor in this regard, as it only takes a couple of hours to cross from one side of the islands to the other, meaning that most schools are only minutes away from the beaches, historic sites, as well as cultural and entertainment venues.

Located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago consists of  three main islands, namely Malta, which is the cultural, commercial and administrative centre, as well as the island on which most schools are located; Gozo, which is more rural and is characterised by tourism, crafts and agriculture; and Comino, which is an uninhabited island with crystal clear waters.

Collectively, the islands are home to just over 400,000 inhabitants and have a growing expat community who choose Malta to work or study. Both English and Maltese are official languages, with many locals proficient in at least a third language.

Malta has a colourful history spanning over 7,000 years, during which it was colonised by a succession of foreign powers who all left their imprint on the islands, both physical and cultural. As a result, Malta is now home to an eclectic mix of buildings, museums and historical sites, including the megalithic temples, which are the oldest man-made free-standing structures in the world.

This rich heritage is complemented by an impressive calendar of cultural events, comprising theatre, music and art in all their varieties. Nightlife is also bustling, whether in a relatively relaxed manner at lounges, restaurants and bars, or dancing the night away in one of the many clubs that host a mix of local and top foreign DJs on a regular basis.

With year-round mild weather, Malta is also ideal for outdoor activities, whether it’s simply spending a day at the beach, or the myriad of options available for the more adventurous, from scuba diving, rock climbing, abseiling, target shooting, jet skiing, and fly boarding, to horse riding, boat chartering, canoeing, paint ball and many more.