Policies & Strategy

Policies & Strategy 2017-09-01T17:11:59+02:00

Malta recognizes the importance of education as a strategic pillar that enables the country and its people to continue developing and thereby ensure their present and future well-being. Successive administrations have placed education at the core of their policies and invested heavily in the sector, both directly as well as through the support provided to private educational institutions.

With education policies that are in line with those of the European Union, the country provides an equal and fair education system that seeks to equip all students with the abilities to succeed, thereby ensuring a more capable workforce that can think in creative ways and problem solve is available. Within this context, the education sector has also been identified in the national research and innovation strategy as an enabler of innovation and a fundamental base on which society is to shape its future generations and guarantee prosperity.

Malta is continuously working towards making its education system a competitive one that can hold its own on a global level. It also aims to promote international exchanges and as a reflection of this, Malta is home to both national and international institutes.