The Education System

The Education System 2017-08-18T13:22:12+02:00

Malta’s education system, both public and private, covers all levels, from primary to post-graduate. Other than specific language courses, the higher levels are all offered solely in English and the sector already hosts a sizeable percentage of foreign students.

Compulsory school attendance in Malta is until 16 years of age and the system is structured as follows:

  • Pre-primary, for ages 3 to 5;
  • Primary, for ages 5 to 11;
  • Secondary, for ages 11 to 16;
  • Post-Secondary, for ages 16 to 18; and
  • Tertiary, for ages 18+.

Within every stage, the public schools provide free education for all students. Primary schools are found in each and every locality around the country, while secondary schools have a regional catchment area.

Private schools providing their services against fees comprise both independent and international institutions. The latter cater mainly for foreign residents, whose numbers are on the rise in recent years thanks to ongoing foreign investment in multiple sectors.

Tertiary education and beyond is not obligatory but every effort is made to attract as many students as possible to continue their studies as part of the country’s ongoing investment in its human resources.

All educational establishments are regulated by the Ministry of Education, ensuring that curricula are similar across the various institutions.